What is Podcasting?

A podcast is essential a series of audio or video files that you can listen to for FREE via the internet and usually on your phone.

People can download, stream or “subscribe” to podcasts through a variety of different platforms such as websites, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts, as well as a host of other podcasting apps. 

Podcasts sit in the space between a novel and visual storytelling such as TV shows and Movies. They draw on the audience’s imagination much like a book but provide the same sensory experience as a movie. 

They are free and easy to access and can be listened to anywhere and off pretty much any device that is connected to the internet from smartphones to computers to cars. You can even access them through  Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa now. 

As at May 2019 there are over 700,000 active podcast shows available and over 29 million episodes! (podcastinsights.com) this number grows weekly and podcast listeners now exceed the number of users on Twitter!

It is fast becoming the worlds favourite form of media consumption and Listen Up is here to help you find and tell your unique story.

Listen Up Podcasting is a podcast production company and education hub