PodCASTING Registration Thank You

Thank you for giving us a chance and being one of the first 100 to register.

The Pod Casting village is a space for voice artists to promote themselves and their work to anyone and everyone interested in hiring them. Be it for podcasting, audio fiction, radio, audio books, voice over, character voices, narration  – any kind of voice work you can think of the Listen Up Pod Casting Village intends to offer it.

But first we have to build it and we are excited to have you help us.

Over the next few months Listen Up Pod Casting will build a database of voice artists (people just like you) which will go live to the public later this year. Your subscription will not truly begin until this database goes live. Listen Up Podcasting promises not to debit any money from your credit card until 6 months AFTER this database goes live and people have access to your profile.

An email has been sent detailing how it will all work in further detail.