Podcasting workshops for all ages

Listen Up Podcasting offers a range of Workshops for all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a school or community organisation wanting to teach a podcasting to kids, a business wanting to teach your team how to pod or a media organisation looking to pitch podcasts to your clients, Listen Up Podcasting has a workshop for you.

Email info@listenuppodcasting.com.au if you are interested in one of our podcasting workshops.

Adults’ Super Basic Podcasting Workshop

  • A practical extension of the Super Basics Podcasting Online Course
  • Access to the Super Basic Podcasting Online Course is included in the price and students are required to complete this course prior to the workshop so that students can get the most out of learning how to practically make a podcast.
  • The aim is for each student to end the workshop with a “podcast in production” and the knowledge and confidence to finish it.
  • Editing basics using Audacity, Garage Band or Hindenburg can be included as part of an extended workshop.

“Kel came and taught a podcasting workshop for my undergraduate Communications students. She covered everything from pre-production, planning and writing, all the way through to using equipment and editing a final product. Not only did the students really respond to her enthusiastic approach, but they also soaked up the information, producing some of the best podcasts I’ve seen from beginner podcasters. Several of them have been inspired to continue podcasting because Kel made everything seem simple and achievable. I will definitely be running the workshop again each year for my class.”

Lynnette Lounsbury, Communication Lecturer, Avondale College of Higher Education

Kids’ Super Basic Editing Workshop

For Garage Band or Audacity

  • A natural extension of the Kids Super Basic Podcasting Workshop which teaches kids how to level up their technical skills and learn how to edit a basic podcast based on the classic interview / chat podcast format.
  • Available for either Garage Band (Apple Macintosh) or Audacity (PC)  depending on the system the children/teens will be using.
  • Suitable for ages 12-17
  • Laptops with the appropriate software already downloaded is required for participation in this course
  • Great for Schools, Community Organisations and School Holiday Entertainment
  • All trainers with Listen Up Podcasting have completed a Working With Children’s Check

Podcasting for Writers

Presented by Pamela Cook and Kel Butler from the Writes4Women podcast this workshop is all about teaching writers the many ways they can incorporate podcasting as an important part of their author platform. Whether it is being on podcasts, making podcasts, sharing them or using them as research, podcasts can be a powerful tool for writers to connect with their reader, find more readers and extend their personal brand.

In this workshop writers will learn:

  • What podcasting is and why it is such a cool tool for storytellers
  • How to use podcasting to promote themselves and their work
  • How to use podcasts as a tool for writing and researching
  • How to use it to connect with other writers and people in their field
  • How to extend your writing into the audio format
  • How to do it at home with no budget and no time
  • Podcasting fundamentals – do you want to make your own? Learn what it will take and know what it means before you take the leap
  • Interviewing basics – the art of the interview is all in the listening
  • Recording remote interviews – making sure you sound the best you can
  • Editing – to do it yourself or not to do it yourself is the biggest question
  • Promoting and cross promoting – building a thriving community

Kids’ Super Basic Podcasting Workshop

(technical editing not included)
Suitable for ages 12-17

  • A kids podcasting workshop to teach the basics of creating a podcast based on the classic interview / chat podcast format.
  • Kids will learn a range of skills and techniques including:
    • Podcasting basics
    • Storytelling principles
    • Approaching guests
    • Researching a subject or guest
    • Interview Technique
    • Basic Recording
    • Editing Principles
    • Releasing and promoting principals (with parental supervision dependant on age)

No equipment necessary

Great for Schools, Community Organisations and School Holiday Entertainment

All trainers with Listen Up Podcasting have completed a Working With Children’s Check

Podcasting for Business Workshop

A workshop tailored to the corporate sector and media agencies looking to expand internal skill sets and add podcasting to their marketing strategy.

This workshop covers:

  • Podcasting overview – what is it? why is it so hot right now? and how can you use it to your advantage
  • Podcasting as an extension of your brand and business – how incorporating the podcast into your intrinsic marketing plan can provide you a more meaningful connection to your customer for much less cost.
  • The creative of podcasting in business – how to find the story at the heart of your business
  • The business of podcasting in business – how to connect that story to the heart of your customers
  • Using Podcasting as a B2B tool
  • Data and Analytics – what is it, where to get it, what to do with it and how to turn your precious podcast data into dollars.

Perfect for Businesses and Media Agencies wanting to get more out of their marketing dollars and add podcasting to their marketing strategies.

Perfect for Media and Advertising agencies looking to add podcasting as a part of their product offering to clients.


Podcasting Fundamentals

Storyfest – Milton – June 23 2019 – $70/pp

Do you love podcasts? Ever wondered about making one? Maybe there is a story you want to tell or a subject you want to explore but you’re unsure where to begin.

Podcasts and Audiobooks are the fastest growing platform in the world of media. This is the workshop for people who want to get stuck right in and give it a go without quitting the day job or breaking the bank.

Join Kel Butler of Writes4Women, Writes4Festivals Podcast and Listen Up Podcasting for this engaging, information packed workshop.

Tickets available via the Storyfest website www.storyfest.org.au/sunday-all-events

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