Can’t find the sound you want on the FREE sound database? Request a custom recorded sound from the Listen Up Sound Bank from $9.00 per sound or make it cheaper and grab a Sound Bundle.

Royalty and copyright free because commissioned sounds are your sounds.


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Check out our FAQs further down the page and purchase with confidence!


Can I request any sound I want?

As long as it is a reasonable, inoffensive, legal request that is not pornographic or overtly violent in nature, then yes the spectrum is pretty wide. You can but ask.

Why would I request a sound when I can download them free?

I don’t know. I ask myself the same thing everyday but we at L/Up still buy sounds! Why? Because we don’t want copyright issues, because the quality is so much better than a lot of the free stuff out there and because when you commission a sound it becomes 100% yours. You can sell this sound onto others if you want because when you buy a sound from L/Up it is YOUR sound but we record it as if it were our own. Plus there is something cool about knowing no one else has your sound.

When will I get my sounds?

We aim to deliver within 3-7 days.

Can I get it sooner than 3-7 days?

If you absolutely need it sooner than that send your request via email to  A villager will assess the possibilities. There is a $20 fee per sound for approved express requests.

What if I don’t like the sound you deliver?

Don’t worry about that. We keep you in the loop the entire way. We request a detailed brief at purchase. We will record a few different versions of the requested sound and let you choose the one you like best. At that stage you will have the opportunity to say something if you feel like we have completely missed the mark. Then we will edit and export the sound with a copyright badge included and send it to you for final approval. At this stage you can request 1 reasonable change. The we deliver the unbadged final product in the requested format. So don’t be nervous, we WANT to get this right for you and help you make your project great.

What is your refunds/returns Policy?

SEE BELOW FOR OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS RE REFUNDS AND CANCELLATION – Please do read the full the Listen Up Request a Sound Terms and Conditions policy

5.0 Refunds and Returns

5.1 The Vendor does not provide refunds for change of mind or buyers’ remorse.

5.2 Once a product has been delivered and accepted no Refunds will be provided

5.3 If there is something wrong with the performance and/or quality of our Product/s then the Vendor will endeavour to the best of it’s ability to repair or replace the product first.

5.4 If the Vendor is unable to adequately repair or replace the Product/s then a full Refund will be provided.


6.0 Cancellations Policy

6.1 Only the Vendor may, at its sole discretion, allow you to cancel your purchase.

6.2 Cancellation must be advised within 48 hours from the time of purchase. All cancellation requests must be emailed immediately to for approval and Refund.

6.3 If a cancellation has been requested within the 48 hour window then a full refund of the purchase price will be granted to the Customer.

6.4 Cancellation requests made outside of the 48 hour approval window will be charged a 50% Cancellation Fee for recording time. Cancellations made after delivery of the review Product/s will be charged at Full Price for production and post-production time.