One of the best things about telling stories and delivering information via podcast, is the ability to tune intimately into the audience, fulfilling a fundamental human need for good company – entertaining, educating and inspiring the listener. And that is exactly what a Listen Up Podcasting podcast does.

Entertain. Educate, Inspire.

Currently the Listen Up Village already produces the Writes4Women podcast and the Writes4Festivals podcasts and are working on a number of very interesting projects, aimed at a mix of audiences from kids to the more mature. Each one designed to entertain, educate and inspire our listeners. 

 At Listen Up we don’t shy away from the unconventional, we lean into the experimental and are most interested in seeing how far we can stretch the possibilities of the podcasting space.

BUT we know that our little village represents a smidgen of the storytelling possibilities out there in the world, which is why a few times a year Listen Up Podcasting will open up our submissions process and invite makers to present their podcasting projects for potential development and production.

Listen Up Podcasting is always interested in audio stories that:

  • Have a positive impact and add value to the life of the listener
  • Entertain and Inspire
  • Deconstruct and disrupt the norm
  • Surprise people
  • Provide insight and information
  • Make people feel and question
  • Encourage compassion

If you have an interesting story that you think might qualify then sign up to our Newsletter to get notified whenever submissions open…. 

“When you strip it all back, a good podcast boils down to a great story and a sense that you’re taking the listener on a bit of a mission”
Richard Baker “Age” Report and “Phoebe’s Fall” Co’Host

What We Do

Let's see how far we can stretch the possibilities of the podcasting space