One of the best things about Podcasting is how easy it is for people to do it for themselves at very little cost, controlling not only the narrative but also the distribution of their stories.

It puts media production, storytelling and investigation into the hands of everyone. Especially the people who rarely get the opportunity to be heard, covering subjects that don’t normally get explored, in depth, on the commercial stage.

Podcasting smashes boundaries, opens access and is totally versatile. It teaches skills for the modern age that can be used and applied over and over again in many different ways for creative and business purposes. And this is exactly how Listen Up Podcasting is using it, as a tool to educate and amplify.

“My true purpose in life is not just to create and tell stories but to provide the space and capacity for others to create too. To make space for the diverse and unique. For the voices that don’t normally get heard and the stories that don’t normally get told. It improves the world immeasurably”
Kel Butler – Founder – Listen Up Podcasting

We have a number of community / educational projects currently in development that we are excited about seeing eventuate into ongoing community programs. BUT we are always interested in finding new and interesting groups to teach to tell their stories, especially if they find it hard to get heard any other way.

We are looking for stories that will have a truly positive impact, podcasts that inspire, podcasts that challenge, podcasts that collectively wake us up and dissolve boundaries and open hearts through the power of story. If you or someone in your community has a story like that to tell then please get in touch by sending an email to info@listenuppodcasting.com.au.

Listen Up Podcasting is a safe and welcoming space, open to everyone

What We Do