Have you got a podcast for your business or brand yet? Listen Up will unearth the stories that go to the heart of your business and it’s customers. Connecting one with the other in an intimate way that rarely gets to occur in the world of business.

Listen Up makes Positive Podcasts for a Positive World. We are not just going to sell products and services. What we do goes far beyond that. We aim to find the human connection at the core of any business.

Podcasting is a front-line, leading edge way of creating content that drastically forwards the brand relationship between companies and their potential customers.

Kicking goals for both corporate clients and media agencies alike.

“No medium is more engaging than audio and with Australian downloads now in the tens of millions per month, brands should be flocking to the space.”

Sharon Taylor CEO of Omny Studio

Podcasts expand understanding, change perceptions (or misconceptions) and reinforce messaging by finding stories that genuinely add something to people’s lives, something they want to come back for again and again.

“Brands are leading a lot of the innovation in the podcasting space and there will be continued growth in the medium as a result.”  
Steve Pratt from Pacific Content

Podcasting allows businesses to tell their stories on a much deeper, more intimate level and has already exploded as an essential marketing asset overseas, with aspirational brands such as GE, Tinder, Ebay, Nike, Virgin and Amazon already incorporating it as a major part of their brand presence. In Australia Westpac, The Guardian, Mamamia and even government agencies are using podcasting as a way of reaching new audiences and customers.

“Done well, a podcast can be a fantastic medium for a client to communicate with their audience, whether that audience is one thousand or one million.”
Josh Butt head of program formats and development, Story Lab

Podcasting is a form of brand reinforcement and engagement that is not only less expensive than other mediums but highly effective in delivering results. Listen Up Podcasting will put your clients and brands directly into the ears, minds and hearts of their customers, creating emotional connections through stories that will last far beyond the podcast itself.

Find out how Listen Up Podcasting can elevate your business in the eyes of consumers

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