Who does the L/UP Production Village Service?

Anyone and everyone who wants to make a podcast, tweak a podcast or learn how to make a podcast. We also resource all makers and artists in the audio production field as much as possible with the resources they will need to make their podcast happen and we will continue to grow and evolve with that goal in mind.

Who can become a part of the L/UP Production Village?

Production Villagers are makers from all corners of the audio spectrum. All L/UP Production Villagers are contractors who work independently in their field of expertise AND with L/UP Podcasting. Members of the Village are currently working at SBS, ABC, UTS and in film and television production too. Some have recently won awards for their amazing work. We have everyone you need to equip a project with high quality people throughout all stages of the production process. All L/UP Villagers have an optimistic, self motivating, innovational mindset. They are impassioned go getters who are not afraid of creative risk or misadventure in the pursuit of an amazing story. If this sounds like you and you are interested in joining the L/Up Production Village then drop us a line and let’s have a chat.

If I work with L/Up Podcasting can I work for other people too or am I exclusive to L/Up?

We have no expectation of exclusivity from our Villagers. All of our Production Villagers work with other organisations or on their own projects. The only thing L/Up podcasting expects is loyalty to the project our Villagers have committed to. Outside of that the rest is up to them.

Does L/Up Podcasting act in an agency capacity with Production people, taking a percentage of earnings?

No L/Up Podcasting is not an agent on any level and nor do we want to be. Our projects are budgeted and our Villagers’ fees are included within those budgets. L/Up does not take a percentage of that fee from any of our Villagers or Artists.

Does L/Up Podcasting Production Village only make podcasts?

At the moment yes we do. Because podcasting is what we are good at, podcasting is what we know and we LOVE it. But it’s not to say that we won’t expand into telling other types of audio stories and experimenting with new projects in the future. In fact that’s exactly what we aim to do. The one thing we do know for sure, Listen Up Podcasting is all about the sound and we always will be.

How much does it cost to make a podcast?

There is no answer to that. You could make a podcast by yourself for nothing or you could invest millions in producing one (and some companies have). It all depends on what you are after and how fast you want to gather an audience. If you want to know how much it would cost to make a Podcast, get in touch and we can quote you up.

If I make a podcast will I become a star and make lots of money?

Maybe and the occasional person does but the reality is probably not. That’s just the way creativity is. Same with many authors and filmmakers and artists. What it will do is give you a skill and a basic understanding of audio storytelling that you can build upon and with enough determination and work, perhaps one day you can turn that skill into something much more tangible. Our advice is start from the basis of having something to say or explore and enjoy the process of saying it. Life is in the learning, the stories are what make it special.

I have a Podcast can you help me with the editing?

Yep we sure can that is something we can help you with and go as basic or advanced with it as you like. Get in touch for a quote.

I have a podcast can you help me with the recording?

Of course! That’s exactly what we are here for. Get in touch for a quote.

Do you take unsolicited podcast idea submissions?

Unfortunately no. We just don’t have the capacity to be assessing projects all the time, especially when we are knee deep in development (like we are right now). But we are very interested to see what you have got, so a couple of times a year we will open up our submissions process. If you want to get notified as soon as this happens, sign up for our Newsletter.

How often does the Newsletter come out?

To begin with it will be once every couple of months and over time that will increase to every month.

What is in the Newsletter?

All the latest info on what is happening in the Listen Up Village and on the Listen up website. Listening lists. Summaries of the big events to look out for. Any major podcasting developments and occasionally some sneaky sounds to add to your collection.