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A village of makers passionate about telling audio stories, who have been brought together to do just that. Writers, Producers, Editors, Sound Designers…Listen Up has the expertise to make any kind of podcast your imagination is inspired by.

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Drawing on 15 years worth of experience and networks in Film and Television Founder, Kel, has gathered over a century’s worth of outstanding production experience to the Listen Up Podcasting village to help you find and tell your unique story.

Be it for Business, Entertainment, Community or Education, the Listen Up podcasting village can help you realise your aural vision.

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Founder, Podcaster, Writer

Trained by the likes of Kate Montague from “Audiocraft” and Miles Martignoni of “Heaps Good Media,” Kel Butler found her passion in Podcasting a few years ago and never looked back.

Kel dipped her toe in the podcasting waters with her first show “Writes4Women” co-hosted and produced by author Pamela Cook. From there they were granted funding to record writing festivals in regional NSW and launched “Writes4Festivals” as a result.

In 2018 Kel was accepted into the Audiocraft “Ladies Who Listen” mentorship program, paired with one of Australia’s best podcast producers, Jennifer Macey. Kel’s passion is to create “Positive Podcasts for a Positive World” that add value to people’s existence, contribute to a better planet and create human connections. Most of all she is determined to introduce the sheer joy of listening to and making podcasts to as many people as possible.

Throughout her own podcasting journey Kel encountered audio enthusiasts from all corners of the production world. Talented producers, writers, audio designers and engineers all keen to play in podcasting and see how far they can take it and where it can go. A hub of audio and production creatives impassioned to tell stories through the art of the podcast. And hence the Listen Up Podcasting Village was born and continues to grow.

Kel Butler possesses as many quality human traits as she has enviable professional talents.  Courage, passion, perseverance, curiosity and true grit are some of her most admired strengths.  Professionally, no one can deny that Kel is a master storyteller with a huge vision and an even bigger heart – always looking for interesting ways to connect and make an impact.  In production, which is full of challenges, obstacles and changes, these qualities are gold.   Kel will always come up with a solution rather than whinge about the problem.

I have worked with Kel from the very beginning of her podcasting career, guiding and mentoring her through this entrepreneurial journey.  Kel is a hungry student of ‘The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.’  She laps up my teachings and philosophies quickly and applies them with stealth and gusto in her business and her life.  Kel is a tenacious operator who never gives up on a goal and doesn’t let life’s obstacles get in her way.  

It is an honour to have been a guest on Kel’s podcast, and always, it is a privilege to receive the immense value as one of her listeners.  Thank you Kel.

Pauline Nguyen
(Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Spiritual Entrepreneur)

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